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Process of making jewelry and handicraft articles

source:DongGuan OURS Industrial Co.,LTD.  Release time:2017-05-12 10:11:38

Jewelry / jewelry handicraft processing can be divided into 9 major steps:

1.Design 2.From the board 3.stamper 4.reverse mould5.hold mode 6.Stone 7.polishing 8.Electroplate9.inspection

Tell us the production process is as follows

First, the design relies on the inspiration and ideas of the designer. Good design naturally brings good market share, but also brings great wealth.

Steps 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have to be done with sophisticated jewelry equipment! Since the American nanotechnology manufacturing of ultra high resistance single sign, color retention, cleaning agent is added light, I feel more proud, for jewelry manufacturers 0 complaints, 0 failure rate, the customer will vertical boss in the thumb!

Step 8, 9, we can merge it into one, time-saving, efficient and quality!

To use the 3D printer, I recommend a OURS 3D printer to my friendsProjet DP3000 printer

It can be inlaid, studded, OURS brand 3D printer, high display, high resolution, rapid prototyping, automatic 3D printer, UV filter, low temperature rapid prototyping. Mainly can press die directly! Unlike previous blue wax machines, they must be combined with blue wax.

And now the machine as long as the resin powder or resin wax can be directly injected wax, greatly reducing the cost of operation, that is, economic and affordable!

(一)Projet DP3000 Advantage:

1. ultra high precision printing molding

2. double mode application, forming space

3. the workpiece can be stacked and nested

4. professional level processing software

5., post-processing is simple and easy to operate

6.100% wax material can be used directly in die casting

7. after forming, the workpiece surface is smooth and tidy

8. good molding space and molding speed

9. simple and quick post-processing

10. unattended automatic printing

11. software is simple and convenient to operate

12. smart size, office type printing

(1) Projet DP3000 molding space (XYZ);

High precision mode: 298 x 185 x 203mm (11.75 x 7.3 x 8 inches)

Ultra high precision mode: 127 x 178 x 152mm (5 x 7 x 6 inches)

(2) Projet DP3000 resolution

High precision mode: 328 x 328 x 700 DPI (XYZ): after layer: 36 m

Ultra high precision mode: 656 x 656 x 1600 DPI (XYZ): after layer: 16 m

(3) Projet DP3000 accuracy (typical) 0.001-0.002 inch (0.025-0.05 mm)

(accuracy is related to the complexity of the workpiece)

(4) Projet DP 3000 model material

VisiJet CP200 blue wax material can be used directly in low temperature dewaxing casting.

VisiJet CPX200 blue wax material can be used directly in low temperature dewaxing casting.

(5) Projet DP 3000 support material

VisiJet, S200 white, easy to remove wax material. Each case contains 8 pieces, each 0.405kg

(6) Projet DP 3000 machine appearance size (WxDxH);

737 x 1257 x 1504mm (29 x 49.5 x 59.2 inches)

(7) Projet DP 3000 weighs 254 kg (560 lb)

(8) Projet DP3000 client software

The utility model can automatically generate supporting materials, can automatically calculate the time needed for work, and is convenient to operate

(9) Projet DP 3000 file format STL and SLC

(10) noise < 65 dBa

Automatic wax spraying machine, automatic wax injection machine, 3D rapid prototyping machine, specializing in the production of wax injection machine

The following is the Dongguan Europe jewelry automatic 3D printer, micro inlay pin studded, high display, high resolution, rapid prototyping, print out product plans:

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