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【OS-301】3D Printer

【OS-301】3D Printer
Product introduction

[OS-301] American LED light source

Product description

▲ DLP digital surface layer by layer projection technology.

▲The life of the light source is about 20,000 hours, and the market is more than 5 times of the same type.

▲High working efficiency, making a height of 30mm in 3.5 hours.

▲ DLP surface projection molding software, Chinese and English operation interface, easy to operate, easy to master.

▲ Material tray diagonal pull function, reduce the tension between the workpiece and the material tray, the material is automatically heated, the constant temperature function, the action axis adopts high-precision slider moving platform technology, the repeating precision is 0.002mm, the USB plug-in device is used, the operation is simpler, and the system comes with After the shutdown, the origin returns to the endurance function, the control system supports the pause during the printing process, and the integrated integrated computer design does not require an additional computer, and the display adopts an embedded design.

▲The surface finish of the model meets the surface finish requirements of the jewelry industry (≤0.01mm).

▲Materials used: high hardness compression molding resin, high precision casting wax.


Power requirements: AC220V

Machine power: 300W

Machine size: 430*340*780mm

Molding platform size: 86*48*120mm

X-Y axis resolution: 40μm

Z-axis resolution: adjustable from 0.1-0.01

Input document format: JCD, SLC

Scanning speed: 1000-100000ms / adjustable per layer

Working environment: 22 ° C -25 ° C

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After sales service

Provide lifetime technical support and maintenance for the products sold. The whole machine is responsible for free warranty for any quality problems within one year. If it is not used according to the actual operating procedures, the damage caused by man-made damage and force majeure is not covered by the free warranty, only paid repairs are provided.

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