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Standard version single station waxing machine

Standard version single station waxing machine
Product introduction

Product advantages:

1 precision is up to three thousandths

2 high efficiency

3 stability 100%

4 size mold universal

5 service life up to 10 years design

6 can be equipped with central air conditioning

7 EU CE certification, energy saving, environmental protection, safety

8 system networking, data sharing

The networked system reads the local mold parameters of each wax injection machine and shares them with other machines in the network. Any wax injection machine in the network can read the mold parameters stored on other machines to realize multi-machine networking and data sharing.

The networked system can read all the capacity information and mold parameters from the single computer host at any time, and provide the interface to the ERP system call.

The networked system can receive the order data of the ERP system and distribute it to all machines in the network for sharing, which can easily achieve random work.


Introduction to the workflow:

1. Set or call related parameters through the touch screen

2. Place the wax pattern with the barcode attached to the die line

3. The following steps are automatically completed by the device

    1)into the assembly line

    2) scan the barcode to get the wax mold parameters

    3) automatically send the wax mold into the fixture

    4)automatically adjust the wax injection parameters according to the barcode parameters

    5) start waxing

    6)waxing finished, the wax mold automatically returns to the mold line and forced cooling of the wax mold

4. Drafting

5. Excellent products are in place

After sales service

Provide lifetime technical support and maintenance for the products sold. The whole machine is responsible for free warranty for any quality problems within one year. If it is not used according to the actual operating procedures, the damage caused by man-made damage and force majeure is not covered by the free warranty, only paid repairs are provided.

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